Artist Statement

For me, composing is a profoundly poetic activity. However the world may change or technologies progress, this remains an unchanging foundation, one which is always my starting point. Sound has its own energies and my method is to weave them together. Sound breathes and shapes itself into a musical work. Form as an end result. I discover the true significance of a work in artistic expressions that reach the core of the universe in an instant. It is my hope to create music which is simple yet deep. To grasp one moment of certainty.

New York City, where I have lived since 1991, enables me to examine my own being. Here, the spirit of individual style fit me like a glove, and I felt I wanted to delve myself as deeply as I could. Yet, here, as a Japanese, it is necessary to nurture in myself a perspective, a structure which is different from the Western ideas of time. For me, time is malleable, and can be sublimated from a melodious moment into a timespace of infinite continuity.

In this city where various cultures intersect, one is made aware of one’s roots. But simultaneously, things that are pure and moving leap easily over barriers of language and ethnicity. I am convinced that the most beautiful moments in history are when something is communicated. That is why I continue speaking through music.
(November 1997, Akemi Naito / from CRI CD liner note)